Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Intros Day 9

How did today go? Well I feel. The boy & FC arrived as expected - with another load of stuff - including first set of clothes. FC left with boy being pretty upset as she went - I tried to soothe him and was starting to get laughter as well as tears when his SW arrived. After about 15 mins he was fine - distracted him with the glass pebbles in glass bowl on our windowsill which he'd played with yesterday - posting them all behind the fire guard then. Today it was down gap in radiator - but it kept him amused and heered him up. His SW didn't stay very long but by the time she went he was happy.

We spent the morning playing - and investigating the house more. Again Henry-cat was very patient as the boy fussed him sat on our bed. We played with cars all over the house and watched Fireman Sam snuggled together on the settee. He bounced on me and with my help on the floor. He loves me holding him under arms and bouncing. We played peekabo round the lounge curtain and hide and seek round the dining table. Lots of eye contact as I could get it.

Getting lunch he came into kitchen with me and tried to open doors and drawers - very glad we had safety locks on them all. We ate and raced on a banana at end. Then it was into the car and off to T's pharmacy. The boy feel asleep on the way, woke up after we arrived and then feel asleep in Daddy's arms. So not much of a visit but was pleased to see Daddy. Tomorrow I have decided we go before lunch in the hope he will be awake to see T. Coming back he slept more, woke up when I got him out the car seat and out of his coat. I brought him upstairs to his bedroom and sat down in the rocking chair with him in my arms. He snuggled down and feel asleep on me - tears in my eyes at this point. Eventually I moved him onto the bed and he slept till about 15 mins before FC was due to pick him up when I woke him up. Changed nappy and took him down where he watched a bit more Fireman Sam, which gave FC and I chance to put his slide & swing into garage. The boy gave me a kiss and a cuddle before he left.

Tomorrow I get to pick him up from FCs and then we spend the entire day together - dropping him back at bedtime so he should see Daddy twice. Last day of T working for 11 days - not been ideal during Intros but all agreed best for the boy as otherwise respite would have been needed.

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