Monday, 7 October 2013

Intros Day 1 (First sight)

Well we met the boy this morning for just over an hour before the planning meeting. He came to the door calling for Mummy & Daddy which was lovely. Was very confident with us showing us all his toys - wanted Daddy more but knew he was a child who makes a beeline for men. He was however quite happy to interact with me - and to look at the pictures the FC had taken on our camera. Bless him he was a little confused as used to swiping touch screen to change pictures (FC uses phone mainly) and of course ours is a proper camera with arrow keys to move through. Got some lovely photos today and no doubt we will get more as the week progresses. He can be distracted quite well - avoided a bit of a crying fit by that - and T tells me he has a good strong grip as he was being led round the house by his little finger :)

Although the boy definitely went for T he did let me pick him up and give him a cuddle at the end. TBH getting the attachment quickly to T is important at he will be the one out at work initially indeed he is working first three days of next week. Eid and getting pharmacist locum cover round here doesn't work :D Had more time than planned but still had to run as we needed to have lunch before meeting.

Planning meeting went very well as our SW had a provisional plan which we had seen last week - so other than a couple of timing adjustments everyone was happy. FC is having party Sunday afternoon which is well before placement (6 or 7 days) and we agreed to let her other 2 foster kids come and see where the boy will be living the evening before he moves. They unfortunately had a disruption so are worried about this obviously. I got general agreement to take the boy up to see T at work Tuesday & possibly Wednesday as well as being able to keep him at home on Weds till T comes home provided he is comfortable. Given today I am hopeful but tomorrow is another (longer day - 4 1/2 hrs). We even have our first 4 SW visits after placement in the diaries now.


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