Monday, 14 October 2013

Intros Day 8

Today was my first day flying solo as T had to work. Also first day at our house - FC stayed as well. After a bit of kerfufle finding us (miscommunication over address) they arrived fine. The boy was alright - I'd got some of his toys out and about on lounge floor so it was at least some familiar stuff. We also explored the whole house and Henry-cat was very patient taking several/minutes fussing before deciding to hide. This was useful as the boy is not used to cats. He did get clingy to FC around lunchtime - general feeling was he was tired so we put him in our buggy after lunch and wandered up to the local park. He had a lot of fun running round trying out everything but fell asleep on short walk back. So I lifted him out of buggy, and brought him into house to lay on his bed. He came to as I lifted him up and as I took his coat of but washappy nough to snuggle back to sleep. FC and I chatted while he slept till I had to wake him so they could get out of our estate before local primary school finished. Chaos does not decsibe the roads at that point and they needed to be back in time to meet other 2 foster children off school bus.

All in all I felt today went ok - was expecting clingyness as he is confused and his secure base is FC at moment. Hopefully tomorrow will b easier when she leave him here. Got his SW coming in morning and then we are taking a trip to see Daddy at work, The boy was asking for T today which is the other reason he was clinging to FC as he has a much stronger attachment at the moment to his Daddy. I've got the time to work on that though.

This evening T attached a hook & eye to our downstairs cloakroom door as the boy kept going in there. We also have put eyes at top & bottom of stack of drawers in dining room so we can tie handles together as the boy also kept opening them. Otherwise fairly child-proofed house - at least on first visit :)


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