Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Intros Day 10

Full day today - well from when I picked the boy up at 9.30 till just before bedtime at 18.45. It went well other than FC having to put boy into car seat first thing that is. We came home and played a bit and had Fireman Sam on in background at times. Saw Henry-cat before he scarpered for the day and drew pretty pictures on my iPad.

the-boy-ipad-1 the-boy-ipad-2

Eventually we set off for T's pharmacy - he didn't fall asleep quite as quickly today but was asleep by the time we arrived. However he woke up again and was very glad to see Daddy. Spent about 30 mins or so there - we ran in circles round the shop floor (only one customer me in during time we were there). He went through to dispensary in T's arms and had it explained to him that he should not go through there without one of us.

Drove back with a sleeping boy but arrived home in heavy rain so the boy woke up when I got him out the car and promptly stayed awake. Another fun afternoon of playing with cars and bouncing on Mummy ensued. He came into kitchen with me as I prepared the evening meal for us all. Fed him at his usual time and was pleased when he enjoyed the meal - it was something I'd been told he would eat but wasn't sure he would et my version :) I fed him most of two yoghurts although he managed part of the second himself as I had to answer the door. Played a bit more before he had his bath which he really enjoyed and didn't want to get out of. Just got him dressed in pyjamas when Daddy arrived home which he loved. Eventually we had to reluctantly take him back to FC's.

Review meeting tomorrow and then full day with us both. Hoping for move in on Saturday....

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  1. Sounds like it is all going really well and the little one is readjusting well. All the best for the review meeting.