Friday, 12 July 2013

Reeling again

And not for the first time during the process (back loaded some of my blogs from private blog covering the process thus far).....

We saw our SW on Wednesday to discuss our PAR - only a few factual changes to make as we both felt it was a good reflection of us. Although T did say seeing everything written down that we had been through with my health and his job fun since we got together makes him realise quite how much there was. The reassuring thing for me in report was that medical advisor just commented that my ongoing (well-managed) chronic conditions would need discussing through the home study. Our SW commented that I had never had to cancel due to ill-heath and had seemed pretty good throughout the period - which to be honest is true. The last 18 months or so I have felt so much better - many less migraines which I can see from the lack of sick days on my planner at work. Ok had a bit of a blip recently thanks to a very bad hayfever season - but the nasal douching my doctor suggested has made a real difference to me in that I am no longer living with a  low grade permanent sinus headache. This does make a difference to my migraines as well as the build up could trigger them at this time of the year. At least roses (my favourite flower) do not give me any issues - given the number in our front garden at moment.

Anyway she checked I was in a better place than when she had last seen us (which was only a week after losing Grandma and less than a fortnight from Ricki). At that  time we had said we wanted to continue with approval but would see how I was doing with regards to putting a pause on matching. We revisited that and both said we were happy to proceed straight to matching - I am in a good place - ok have my odd moments but we all do with memories. So SW then proceeded to ask us if we could meet next week so she could show us at least 2 child profiles of boys she thought we would be interested in. Next week was out as she couldn't manage an evening and it is too short notice for T to get the time off (he has to be covered by locum when he is not there as a pharmacist - otherwise medicines do not get dispensed). So we have a meeting on 25th July in evening to look at profiles - which is 4 days before our panel.

I am both excited and scared at the same time - as T said later it has brought it home that we may finally be parents before Christmas.....

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  1. Not long now then! It's good that you've been able to reflect on the journey you've been on so far and see how well you've done and how far you've already come. Will look forward to hearing how it all goes.

    Thanks for Sharing on The Wekly Adoption Shout Out

  2. Thanks for sharing. Both my wife and I have or had chronic medical conditions (some in the past, one ongoing but well managed) which we needed to ensure were properly considered and treated as we went forward through the process up to panel.

    In the end the panel didn't even really consider them and we weren't asked any questions about them. However, that fact didn't mean that it wasn't a worry all through the process that our past medical histories might scupper things for some unforeseen reason. It's hard to stop such thoughts lurking menacingly in the back of your head - particularly during the darker moments. I really feel for you in trying to weigh up all of these issues and so pleased that it is all coming together for you.

    How great that you're able to move through to matching already. I remember the feelings of excitement when we first saw the CPR for the little 'un that we went on to adopt.

    Fingers crossed for the 25th and the 29th!

  3. all the best for the next hurdles for you. hopefully it will be very worth it in the end even though some of the hurdles are really hard to clamber over. It is very affirming in the end to have many around you cheering you on and saying yes.

  4. Hope all goes well, exciting times ahead!

  5. Great to hear how everything is moving forward for you - so exciting :)