Friday, 11 October 2013

Intros Day 4

Can't believe it was only day 4 yesterday - feels like we have know the boy for longer. Posting this the morning after the day before as got caught up last night once we got home with catching up with one of our great friends.

Yesterday started slightly earlier than planned as FC had a doctors appointment (after 14 days with a cold) so we picked the boy up earlier. Spent most of the day at a big park in the next city over which he knows quite well. Well after going via school to drop nursery form off (& me running up hill to home to get empty box for FC). He feel asleep on way to park but once we got there was quite happy in buggy as we wandered to find the children's play area where he happily spent over an hour playing on various things - and wandering where Daddy & Mummy had disappeared to (we both popped off to use the loos). He then happily walked/ran for 15 mins or so as we wandered further round the park - with the grab handle on his dinosaur backpack coming in handy a few times as he ran off away from Mummy. Eventually he found the packet of grapes daddy has put in the bottom of the buggy so he got back in it to eat them as we walked to find a cafe for lunch.

Lunch was interesting - he ate his beans with Mummy & Daddy tag-teaming feeding him and ourselves. Daddy got the job of changing his first nappy - a nice stinker. Agreed we need to do a nappy change before lunch from now on - or at least to take a look. Then we went into the tropical animal place for a look round - he loves the butterflies and the fish and enjoyed watching the turtles & terrapins.  We left the buggy at entrance and he walked round which he was very happy doing. Mainly holding hands although he can be resistant at times.

Once we had done the wander and put him back into buggy which Mummy had finally adjusted to fit him better we made our way back to the car and meandered down to out of town shopping area to look at buggies as well aware we are going to want a different one long term. He happily walked around and even sat between us with a babychinno as we had a coffee. Then it was back to FC for tea and evening routine. A little disturbed due to the other 2 foster kids when they returned home from being out. we were warned they would tend to be full on and wanting attention which they were but we managed as best as we could - I helped FC with getting the boy ready for bed while T stayed with other two. The boy did demand cuddle from Daddy once he was ready and we managed. Wasn't that easy but we survived. This evening they are out at school disco so we are doing evening routine by ourselves. Going to be interesting tomorrow as I will probably have to amuse them while T helps with morning routine as we agreed some time ago that was what he would do as he will always be about for that. Means he has to get himself up and awake a bit more than he currently does :)

All in all a good day although I can see we will have some fun with other foster children. However once we get through weekend moves to our house mainly - and plan is we will have the boy after first couple of days till bedtime - so get him ready for bed before we take him back to FC.

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