Thursday, 17 October 2013

Intros Day 11

What a day. Started well with review meeting showing that everyone felt things were going well. Ok T spent most of it amusing the boy but he still contributed. Moving in day was moved forward to Saturday :) So one more day of this strange situation - and as T pointed out coming back this evening we do not drop him back at FCs again.

Rest of day went equally well - went to local park and fed the ducks - well geese mainly in case of the boy. He did however manage to measure his length twice by running along and not being completely balanced. No crying - just when we insisted he took a hand when a car was around and we were on road. Then off to do weekly shop which was interesting given his dislike of staying in the trolley, or holding hands. Can see onlien shopping being the way forward with an occassional quick visit for bits as coping with him by myself would not be fun. Anyway after all that he had snacked a fair amount, and fell asleep in car on way home. He'd been up at 5.30 so we let him sleep - woke up when I got him out the car at home, but a few minutes snuggling with Mummy in rocking chair and he was back to sleep again. Once again he showed that he has some bond to me as I could soothe him and get him back to sleep. Meant we got our lunch in peace.

Woke him up after an hour to try to keep him tired so he gives FC a later start tomorrow - we shall see in morning. We played for a bit and watched a bit of Fireman Sam (well it was background noise). Then we put him in all in one aterproof and into carrier on Daddy's back for a wander down to the reservoir at bottom of hill from us. He loved being in carrier so suspect we are going to get a better adjustable one so we can do our walking. However while feeding ducks & swans he managed to slip down to join them. I was a fraction too late in catching him so went in myself and got him out - luckily very shallow where we were (deliberately as knew edges were slippery). He was upset for a while but soon cheered up in Daddy's arms - Mummy had very wet feet as well given she had to go deeper to get him up bank. Got back home and dressed in clean dry clothes (third pair of trousers for the day) and cleaned up as well. Slight graze on face but as I said to T (& FC said later) it was the boy being a boy. Graze isn't worrying him at all.

Played a bit more and then he went into kitchen with T while meal was prepared. Ate a fair amount of his pasta and his 2 small fromage frais before playing with his cars again. Mainly the tractor & trailer he got from one of the other FCs who was at his leaving party last Sunday. Decided after unexpected dip we would bath him this evening so I did - didn't like having his hair washed and Daddy had to help with teeth clean, but otherwise fine.

Slightly later leaving than planned to go back to FC as Henry-cat fianlly put in an appearence and while he ate his meat (treat) the boy gave him a bit of a fuss. Taking advice from Twitter friends about geting cat o associate him with treats. Returned to FC and arranged pick up time tomorrow morning. Last day of Intros which is a great feeling - as well as making me apprehensive as come Saturday 9am he is all ours. Tomorrow his FC is bringing her other 2 foster kids round to see where the boy is going to live before they all go out for a final meal with another FC + kids who ahd to miss Sunday's party due to illness.

Tomorrow is the last day - I have to keep telling myself this. On Saturday he comes home for good.

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