Friday, 11 October 2013

Intros Day 5

Later start today - hence yesterday's post this morning. Starting typing this sat on the floor at FC's house waiting for her to return with her other 2 children from school disco. Was about to say no noise from upstairs having put the boy to bed but we then had to go to settle him. However seems ok now - she says with fingers crossed.
EurekaToday has been another great day. Arrived spent a few minutes in the house and then trundled off for the day. Ended up at Eureka spending most of the day we had there - just ensuring we left in time to get back to FC for tea. He loved the cars & trucks - and the alien in Soundscape. So we spent lots of time chasing him up and down between the 2. He slept on the way - and I just managed to keep him awake on the way home.

Annoyed with our SW who we told this morning not to say anything about us tag-teaming with the other 2 last night. We were expecting it so were not worried but our SW was more concerned and talked to FC's SW who talked to FC while we were out. Not what we wanted at all - as we said to FC this evening before leaving we were fine, expecting this and have dealt with. I showed T evening routine this evening. He will see morning routine tomorrow and will show me eventually - but it is going to be his time with the boy - particularly once I am back at work as I am out house 7.15ish.

Now home - we left with the boy asleep. 7am get there in morning so early night tonight :)

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