Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Intros Day 3

Well we arrived at FCs at 9.30 to find a happy boy calling Mummy...Daddy... After about an hour or so there we took him out. Currently typing this sat in Soft Play place near where we live having had him out for over 4 hrs.

Went to supermarket to pick up some bits for lunch and also some more tissues as the boy has the tail end of a cold and also appears to be getting his last 4 teeth :) Then quick stop at delivery office to pick up a parcel from Granny & Grandpa which couldn't be delivered yesterday. We then went off to Mamas & Papas to get a Little Life rucksack - which has a parent strap attached as well as a decent grab handle. The boy will not wear reins (he sits down and refuses to walk) but after yesterday we knew we needed something. My elder nephew has one and it has proved useful at times.

We also went looking for rear view mirrors so we can see him from front in car but no luck in what we want. Suspect I am going web searching tonight for that and also for an Ergobaby carrier for me to use when I don't want buggy out.

Talking of buggies T had great fun putting ours up at first as we both forgot the safety catch on base .... once we remembered it was easy to put up. Back to our day - after we'd done a bit of shopping wandered back to find somewhere to eat our picnic lunch - decided on a local lake with play area. On way there the boy fell asleep as he had done earlier on way to shops. But we also decided his car seat needed adjusting so while Daddy took him for a short walk Mummy adjusted car seat to a better fit. Apparently he spent most of walk asking 'Where Mummy?'. Anyway as they got back it started to rain so our planned picnic took place in car instead:)

Then off we went to soft play area where we spent best part of two hours with him enjoying himself and T & I relaxing a little. Still watching all the time and he kept checking to see if we were still there - which was reassuring in that we are getting a little way to a secure base there. We all enjoyed ourselves. Well other than the first nappy change which was a stinker and involved a vest change as well - for some reason I got that job. T has never changed a nappy and didn't want to deal with it while the boy was anxious - at least that was his excuse. I haven't changed many but do know what I am doing. He has been roundly told it is his jb tomorrow - at least an early one so he gets to grip with it.

We had to leave the soft play place to get the boy back to FC before the other two foster children got back from school (disrupted adoption in their past so they are very anxious apparently). We should mee tthem tomorrow as we are going later, taking the boy out for most of the day till teatime, then watching or (as my sister so kindly put it tonight) helping with evening routine.

Another good day which was rounded out by us visiting the local primary school open evening - it has nursey provision which he will be eligible for next September. This means we need to get his name down on the list. A school I know a little and one where we already know a governor as one of the people from our prep course is a parent governor there. T found it positive and we have his name down (or will when I run form to office in morning - we live around 100 yards from school). Still to decide completely on childcare arrnagements when I go back to work but we shall see. Keeping options open at moment more than anything else.

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