Thursday, 1 August 2013

Today is Yorkshire Day

Well today is August 1st and hence it is Yorkshire Day. I was born in Harrogate and lived there till I was 21 months old. Then we moved away and all over Eastern England till we moved back up to Yorkshire when I was 17. I've basically lived here ever since (21 years now and counting). Mind you I am the one of us (two younger siblings) who sounds least like they come from Yorkshire even if I am the only one born here....

In many ways Yorkshire has been the steady place in my life - I lived in 8 houses with my parents before I finally brought my own place - and went to 7 schools before university. Throughout all that I had family in harrogate until after we moved back up here. Two parts of the country are 'home' to me - here in Yorkshire particularly amongst the Pennine areas and East Anglia (Norfolk & northern Suffolk). They are the areas my grandparents lived in so I have many memories of them - well pictures in my mind.

Yorkshire is very much my home today. T & I have a giggle occasionally as my maternal grandfather was born in Southport but spent his entire married life in Yorkshire and counted himself as a true-Yorkshireman. T's maternal grandfather on the other hand was born on outskirts of Leeds and spent his married life in Formby. Indeed T's grandfather loved Nidderdale - Hampsthwaite in that dale is where my Mum was brought up until her parents moved into Harrogate after she went to college.

I love the hills of the dales and bleakness of the tops. I will spend hours meandering around just enjoying the scenery - we are so fortunate that we back onto open moorland from our house so can escape the modern world easily. As a guider I am proud to wear the White Rose of Yorkshire on my tab and am proud to be a Yorkshirewoman.

Edit: Just after I posted this got the call from our SW confirmed that the agency decision maker has ratified the panel's recommendations from we are now officially approved prospective adopters :)

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