Saturday, 3 August 2013

This week

Warning very rambling post - which is an indication of my state of mind at the moment.....

As T put it earlier this has been one interesting week. Starting with panel on Monday which was a real high and is still sinking in to be honest even if we had phone call on Thursday to tell it it was all final. Following that I worked Tuesday then have had three days with only partial working ( thankfully summer with no project students). I had what I thought was a migraine Wednesday morning which wasn't that unexpected - I tend to get them after stress has calmed down. But it never properly went and got worse so I looked at blood pressure. It was up beyond the tipping point for me so off to the Doctors I trundled on Thursday to get my dosage increased as we had thought may happen. Slowly sorting but I wish I didn't get these spikes in BP. Hopefully this dosage should keep me stable- T (being a pharmacist) has always said I may need a higher dose than I was initially on.

So all this means I am going to have to do a bit of work this weekend as I have several overdue references & a couple of Chairs Actions to write (as of this evening just the references). Not too bad - only about 2 hours for me - I am an annoying person who gets things done in half the time it takes my colleagues apparently. Good thing given what I am about to go into. As I said to a colleague on Tuesday I will not be the person I am now once we have our son - he will be a higher priority for me than work. Up to now work has been a big part of my life but that is all about to change - along with work itself. Two schools merging into a faculty as of 1 October, a new academic year structure from 2013/14 & new programme structures starting in 2014/5. Glad I am going to be on leave for a lot of this.

Think what happened on Monday is beginning to sink in. Change is afoot all over my life and change for the better I feel. Wander what Henry-cat will make of it (he is known at Henry-cat because my parents springer is Henry-dog). He has only really properly recovered in the last few weeks form the loss of Ricki we feel. At the moment he is enjoying the sun and not messing up the rug too much - at leats it wasn't this morning :)

Anyway we are now in a waiting game - annoyingly I have got to go collect rest of paperwork our SW has sent form delivery office on Monday as we were not in when post man called and it needs a signature :( This is much more of a pain than it used to be as local delivery office shut a few months ago so I have to divert from my journey to work to pick it up. Oh well reading for Monday at least....

However we have been sorting out our server to run Linux this evening - and getting various bits installed so we can still access media from it both on our computers and on the various DLNA enabled devices in this house - which is very geeky. Then again I am an electronic engineer and T's second choice of career would have been computing. Real reason long-term is to set-up stuff (in several years time) to monitor and block access to Internet while still allowing access as needed. My brother is an IT network person so has a good deal of experience in this line which is rather helpful,


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