Saturday, 24 August 2013

Another thing of the list

We spent bits of today wandering around various places looking at buggies, cots/toddler beds and the like. Not getting any of that till we have been officially linked and met foster carer. However we did get something that has been on the list for a while - namely a fireguard.


So that is one more item off the list - poor Henry is getting used to these stair gates - particularly one at top which means he can no longer get into bedrooms. Well not until he learns to jump it that is.



Main fun for him will really start when we put the gate into kitchen doorway - we have no door - it now is the cupboard door on landing (don't ask it is a long story :D) This gate will block him from food and his cat flap - so we are suspecting we made need to find some way to make it easier for him to jump over. I wish somebody made a child gate with a cat flap in.....


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