Friday, 20 September 2013

Getting there

Well where are we as we get closer to matching panel and Introductions. After this evening we have a toddler bed in the boy's bedroom and a backpack to carry him in thanks to the local selling group.

The Boy's Room

On Sunday we got to collect a Maxi-Cosi Loola pushchair that I picked up for £25 on eBay. So think we are getting there in terms of furniture - need to pick up another Trofast unit from Ikea for dinning room and possibly one more for the boy's room depending on how many toys he comes with. We might get a better idea of that on Monday when we meet his foster carer. I met the medical advisor today (date and time changed with short notice so T couldn't come) who seemed to have no real concerns - she said he is a not a high risk child having never lived with birth family and only moved foster carers once at 5 weeks old. He has secure attachment to his foster carer which is good for us although we know transferring that attachment to us is going to take work.

Cannot believe that by 2 weeks time I will have stopped work and potentially in 4 weeks we will be looking at the boy moving in. I've had an interesting week at work - ended up sorting my own cover for a module that starts on Monday afternoon yesterday. Thankfully it wasn't too bad but I could slaughter the colleague whose responsibility it is - he has made so much work for us programme directors this last year it is unreal. Thankfully he hasn't reapplied for his position with merger so he will not be in position come 1st October.

It is coming fast now - and even though I do not start teaching next week I still have quite a bit to do at work. Getting there though but have agreed to write two sets of exam papers - which is fine as I shall be marking the summer ones probably anyway. Hoping over weekend round test driving cars to get some bedding for the bed. We're test driving as we want to decide what we want for when we do replace car in 4-6 months time. Decided to do it now without the boy in tow so it should be a little easier.

I am very excited and also very nervous. the baby daughter of one of the couples form our prep course (whose house we drive past every time we go anywhere) came home today and another couple must be getting close to moving elder son in. We were last to panel of 6 couples but will be 4th to matching panel..... As I have found throughout the last year the process likes to confound us and change our expectations of timing frequently. 17 days till I will have had first sight of the boy....

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