Saturday, 20 July 2013

Holidays past & future

Holidays for us have till this year consisted usually of 1 week abroad, most years 1 week with T's parents on their yacht, and a couple of weeks camping usually in UK. In terms of amounts, T gets 25 days plus another 5 days that he buys - I get 35 days plus some extra days between Christmas & New Year and an extra day after Easter. To complicate matters further his runs for a calendar year & mine runs April to March.

This year we managed a week in Cyprus during our usual week at April/May crossover week - which is revision week at uni. Otherwise holiday has mainly been used for adoption stuff - our home study fell in this holiday year for T and across two years for me. So I had to use less holiday than he did in this year. 

We are very well aware that our holidays will change after we have a child placed. We have sold our folding camper as we didn't feel we would use it much for 18 months so it made sense financially. We had changed it to one with a cassette toilet & oven from the one pictured above last year. That proved to us that it would be good to have both. I think in the future if our son proves to like outdoors we will end up with a caravan - easier to set-up and also with right layout can create separate area for him. We still have all the bits such as crockery, cutlery, pans etc.

T wants to take our son aboard eventually but I feel to start with we will be going fairly locally. A 2 hr drive radius from us gives us a huge scope of places. Probably self-catering as well. We both enjoy camping & flexibility it gives us hence caravan in future we hope. Got to change car as well before we can get caravan but that has always been on cards. But as we both keep saying there is so much dependent on our future son so we are not asking definite plans at all for anything.

At the moment we are just waiting for Thursday and then panel on 29th. Made discovery this week that I have a colleague who is at approval panel a fortnight after us with his wife. Gives me another source of support at work - which has been great. Got virtually all my cover sorted - including a colleague to cover my admin role which is the one thing that has been concerning me. Taken me 2 years to get to where I am with it and I do not want things to fall apart to the state they were in before I took over. 

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